Rolling Robots

This project examines using industrial robotics for media creation, specifically DSLR video camera control and recording. Both digitally programmed camera paths and handheld capture are explored, as well as a post-process technique for VFX over the environment. Rolling Robots is composed of three development phases; end of arm tool design, robotic arm path programming and data translation – calibration. The tool is a combination of industry-standard 15mm rails, DSLR camera, and custom electronics, all mounted on a 12” x 6” plywood base. After a number of experiments and calibrations, we’ve prototyped a stepper motor driven follow-focus setup instead of utilizing …


Protoknit is a material experimentation on an algorithm that converts 3D digital models to ready-to-knit patterns.

Tectonic Symbiosis

Tectonic Symbiosis is a sculptural vault like structure, aiming to explore generative design methodologies and large-scale prototyping techniques


Spica is a wearable technology concept exploring visualization of sound and the synthesizing a dialogue in another medium.


Pastextruder is a collective, open source effort to build and improve and document a DIY 3D delta printer project by Jonathan Keep for paste extrusion.


Specul_o_mobile is a future projection on the topic of “future of mobility”.

Cellular Re-Visions

Cellular Re-Visions is a parasitic installation to entrance façade of Istanbul Bilgi University Department of Architecture.


Toad is a passive amplifier, consisting of one body and one attachment part, both designed specifically for FDM 3D printer production.

Knitting Frenzy

Knitting Frenzy is a lighting unit, utilizing material intelligence of knitted wire to control intensity of lateral illumination.

Hack-o Stamp

Hack-o Stamp is an collective, open source effort on hacking photopolymer stamp manufacturing technique, designing a DIY alternative and documenting the process.